Australia is a highly-developed democratic country and is the 14th largest economy in the world. It is one of the oldest, driest and flattest inhabited.

This island is rich with natural resources and is laden with fertile land. The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef is part of Australia’s geography. It lies in the southern Hemisphere and hence experiences the climatic changes opposite to that of us. It is a beautiful peaceful country backed with strong economy and good tax system. Australia is one of the most sort out nations for the immigrants.

Popular Cities in CANADA

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Perth

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Of Australia PR

Did you know Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world behind only the United Kingdom and the United States despite having a population of only 24.5 million? Australia is currently home to nearly 700,000 international students.

This isn’t surprising when you are considering a Student visa for Australia. Australia is known for its diverse and welcoming people – there are so many reasons to consider studying in Australia.

1. Work, live and earn dollars in Australia

2. Study in Australia

3. Receive healthcare subsidies

4. Access to certain social security benefits

5. Eligible for Australian citizenship after 4 years

6. Sponsor people for PR to Australia

Subclasses Of

Australia PR Visa

The government of Australia provides a huge range of visa options depending on your purpose of immigration. Whether you aspire to visit Australia for a short period, want to undergo a study program, or settle in Australia permanently, you have many visa options.

Australian PR has a total of 30+ subclasses. You are required to choose a category based on your needs and the eligibility criteria. The main and widely known categories of the same are:

1. Skilled independent visa

(Subclass 189)

2. Skilled nominated visa

(Subclass 190)

3. Skilled work regional visa

(Subclass 491)

4. Business visa

(Subclass 890)

5. The investor visa

(Subclass 891)

6. Business talent visa

(Subclass 132)

Eligibility Criteria Of

Australia Immigration

1. Should be a graduate with minimum 2 years of same domain experience.

2. The candidate must be between 18 to 45 years.

3. The candidate must possess adequate language skills and must have proof of the same (such as an IELTS scorecard).

4. The candidate must be free from any kind of past or present criminal record.

5. The candidate must be free from any kind of health issues.

6. An overseas degree or work experience is an added advantage to enhance your chances of Australian immigration.

State Nomination

PR with a State Nomination

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

The skilled nominated visa (subclass 190) is a type of Australian PR that enables skilled professionals to migrate and work in Australia. The applicant must satisfy the point-test requirement and nominated by an Australian state or territory to obtain the visa.

Eligibility requirements for Subclass 190 visa

The applicant must be below 45 years.

The applicant must meet the health and character requirements.

The applicant must have a nomination from an Australian state or territory government.

The applicant must meet the minimum point requirement.

The applicant must possess sufficient English language proficiency.