Canada is one of the most popular choices for immigrants from India. The reasons for this are not hard to find.

Canada offers the best combination of urban efficiency with a laid back rural lifestyle. It is a country where you can get both professional growth as well as work –life balance and ensure quality healthcare and education for all in your family.

Immigration to Canada can provide you with the following benefits. Our experts can help you realize your dream of migrating to Canada in the smoothest possible way.

Popular Cities in CANADA

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Montreal
  • Calgary

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Canada offers a variety of immigration options for you to choose from, whether you wish to study or work, or even apply for Permanent Residency. Canada knows the value benefit skilled immigrants bring along with them and has designed policies to attract immigrants and make them feel at home.

If opportunities, sophisticated lifestyle, benefits, and the breath-taking beauty of Canada allure you to relocate, come to us. We offer excellent immigration services and will assist you to get Permanent Residence in Canada and make the country your abode.

From an immigration point of view, Canada has a wide range of options. According to a calculation, nearly 80 different immigration programs are running which help to obtain permanent residency in Canada in direct or indirect ways. Not only from today but from over the years Canada needs skilled migrants. However, the structure of inviting skilled immigrants is changed drastically in past few years. And as a result, they have started inviting a huge number of candidates from the past 5 years.

The reasons behind this are the policies and strategies which they have designed to attract the number of skilled immigrants. On the other hand, there also plenty of other benefits that also attract many migrants to the country.


Canada PR's Rights

1. Right of permanent residency

2. Sponsor eligible family members

3. Apply for Canadian Citizenship

4. Freedom of work anywhere in Canada

5. No tax on income from outside Canada

6. Access to subsidized study option

7. Social Security services and their benefits

8. Canadian Law Protection

9. Connections with the USA

PR Programs

Different Canada PR Programs

1. Express Entry Program

Express Entry is trending and the most popular Canada immigration program that allows the candidates to migrate to Canada within a few months.

It is a kind of competitive program that ranks skilled candidates based on a few criteria and provides the chance to the most deserving candidates to immigrate and dwell in Canada. Primarily, three programs run under the Express Entry Canada immigration program. These include:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Class

2. Federal Skilled Trades Class

3. Canadian Experience Class

2. Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is a crucial division of Canada’s immigration policy that allows a tremendous number of talents to get Canada PR every year.

The program allows different provinces and territories of Canada to nominate talented individuals to get the Canada PR based on the skill-set required by their domestic economies.

Cost of

Applying for Canada PR Visa

The cost of migrating to Canada may slightly vary depending on the circumstances and category of visa you choose, however, the general cost for the same can be estimated as follows

Visa Fee for the first candidate

CAD 825 (Approx. 44,660 INR)

Visa Fee for the subsequent candidate

CAD 825 (Approx. 44,660 INR)

Visa Fee for the minor candidate

CAD 225 (Approx. 12,180 INR)

Police verification and medical charges

Approx. 5000 TO 8000 INR

Right to Permanent Resident fee

CAD 500 (Approx. 27,066 INR)

Provincial nomination Fee

Depends on the Province

IELTS exam charge

Approx. 14,000 INR

Jobs in Canada

The Highly Demanding Jobs in Canada

Canada’s economy swiftly rallied from the pandemic and now offering an ample number of job opportunities in different domains like technology, administration, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, accounting, healthcare, education, and so on.

Below are given a few strongly demanded career positions jobs you can aim while planning for Canada PR.

Business Management Consultant, Software Engineer

Registered Nurse, Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant

Industrial Electrician, College or Vocational Instructors

Truck Driver, Pharmacist

Aerospace Engineer, Construction Estimator